Hotel Eggerhof
Hotel Eggerhof

Your hotel with heated open-air pool in Saalbach

Outdoor swimming at the Eggerhof

Swimming during the cold season is usually restricted to indoor pool sites, to sports pools, whirlpools and spa oases. But what if you wanted to at least sneak a peek at the outside swimming world despite icy cold weather. The Eggerhof, your hotel with heated open-air pool in Saalbach, allows you to swim in the fresh air even during snow flurries!

What's it like at the hotel with outdoor swimming pool

The hotel, with its heated pool, invites you to a brief trip into the fresh air. You won't feel cold, regardless of wind and weather, with a constant water temperature of 30 °C. Probably the most inspiring aspect of the heated outdoor pool is swimming during snow flurries. You won’t just feel the purifying effect of cold mountain air, but also gentle snowflakes will sail onto your head, softly rest there and tickle the tip of your nose.

Spa as a way of life

Enjoy many other relaxing activities at your hotel with heated open-air pool in Saalbach as a balance to indoor and outdoor winter activities. Stop by our saunas or steam baths, get a healthy dose of sun in the solarium and enjoy a pleasant massage by expert hands.

There are many ways to enjoy the Eggerhof winter. Retain your cosy room today with a non-binding holiday enquiry!

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