Hotel Eggerhof
Hotel Eggerhof

Enjoy every aspect of the spa in Saalbach

Deeply cleansing relaxation and well-being

Peace, relaxation and well-being are key ingredients of your hotel's spa in Saalbach. Treat yourself by every trick in the book or enjoy some relaxation after an active day in the glorious region around the Eggerhof. Your wellness hotel in Saalbach will wow you with several options to enjoy cleansing deep relaxation. Cultivate your wellness holidays in Saalbach with a visit to the spa!

Opening hours

Every day from 4-8.30 pm

Finnish sauna

classic Finnish sauna

The temperature in the classic Finnish sauna of your spa resort in Saalbach is approx. 90 °C with a humidity below 20%.

Organic mountain herbs sauna

wild thyme
wild thyme

This sauna is easier on the circulatory system than the Finnish sauna, because the temperature only goes up to approx. 50 °C, which makes the organic sauna particularly suitable for children. The herbs above the stove exude a pleasant aroma.

Steam bath

steam bath in our spa

Even the old Romans were familiar with the pleasant effect of a steam bath. A special fragrance was added to the steam in the Saalbach spa.

Infrared cabin

infrared cabin in our spa

Infrared rays or heat rays raise the temperature in this cabin to around 50 °C. The infrared cabin is ideal to relax and particularly effective for minor colds.

Kneipp water-treading basin

Kneipp water-treading basin

As you probably know, you should cool off after a sauna session. While rolling around in snow or having a cold shower are viable options, you might want to try a refreshing alternative. Walking through the Eggerhof Kneipp water-treading basin leads you across different stones that massage the soles of your feet and stimulate your circulatory system.


If the sun decides to stay hidden for the day, you could help yourself to some solar energy at your wellness hotel in Saalbach.

Relaxation room

relaxation room

Ideal for rest and relaxation; no matter which way you look, you'll always have the perfect view of the divine Glemmtal scenery.

Heated open-air pool

Our heated open-air pool has a constant temperature of 30 °C and can be comfortably used in winter as well. You need to try swimming during a genuine snow flurry - an experience you'll never forget.

Get to enjoy our spa in Saalbach and discover every aspect of our spa area. We are looking forward to your non-binding holiday enquiry!

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